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Why train with a coach when you can do it yourself?

We have made the mistakes so that you don’t need to.  At the onset, triathlon is exciting and you will have a mass of information thrown at you and then you will need to make choices.  Very often bad choices cost either in money or time in a race.  From bad fitting bikes to leaky swim goggles, we have made all the mistakes and made sure I only made them once and that means you don’t need to.  As your coach, we will advise you on equipment, nutrition and anything else you may not be sure about.


Quality training or junk miles? Is that mid- June 120km bike ride and that weekly as- fast- as-you-can-go 5km run doing your fitness and speed any good or are you regressing and getting injured? Time is precious and so is knocking time off our race results.  As your coach, we will ensure that whatever session you are doing – it counts for something.


Group training but not herd mentality. Some of your sessions may be with other athletes.  This is very motivational and makes training a lot more fun.  Group training goes horribly wrong though if you just become one of the herd. GroWings Coaching group training sessions are set up in such a way that although you train as part of a group – your personal training objectives are never out of focus.  This is the best of two worlds, really.


Technique is everything.  We’ve been told that practice makes perfect.  What if practice is just reinforcement of poor technique?  This is the reason pounding out 2km swim after 2km swim has not made you faster or pounding your legs on the tar for 15 km has not made you a better runner…  Good technique (in any discipline) means performance gains. As your coach we will watch you and help you make the corrections needed so that you can achieve the results that you are looking for.


Having a coach means always having someone in your corner. We will monitor your progress, ask questions and change what needs to change, when it needs to change. This will give you the peace of mind that you are on the right track.

What a successful athlete/coach relationship looks like

Results from coaching survey

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